October 27, 2020

2020 Fall Virtual Conference

Day 2 - October 27, 2020




10:00am Welcome, Announcements & Sponsor Information

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10:15am Right Sizing Your District for Fiscal Stability Through Early Retirement Programs

Panelists: Maureen Toal, Senior VP, PARS; Andy Dunn, VC Finance & Administrative Services, Coast CCD; Jeanette Gordon. CFO/Treasurer, LACCD; Andy Suleski, VP Administration, Butte-Glenn CCD

This session examines how districts can right size their organizations for fiscal stability through early retirement programs (“SRPs”).  As districts are dealing with budget constraints due to declining enrollment, changing demographics and now the impact from COVID-19, many are now exploring these options.  The panel will discuss important considerations for adopting a SRP, including a proper analysis and design, associated risks, other more traditional budget reduction methods (e.g., layoffs, hiring freezes, etc.), and case studies on Coast Community College District’s successful Early Retirement Plan as well as a locally-designed plan from Butte-Glenn Community College District.

11:15am Not Just Enrollment Management

Panelists: Ryan Cornner, VC, Educational Programs & Institutional Effectiveness, LACCD; Jim Lancaster, VP of Academic Affairs, LA City College

The Student Centered Funding Formula has created shifts in enrollment management that require analysis of the type of FTES generated in different funding categories and a focus on student service and completion. This session will provide data planning techniques to understand the impact of program offerings on funding and work toward maximizing impact through effective enrollment management. The session will include target setting, strategy development and implementation from a District and College level.

12:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm Announcements & Sponsor Information

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2:15pm The Business of Racial Equity in the Community College Workplace

Keynote: Shaun Harper, Founder & Executive Director, USC Race & Equity center

In this keynote, USC Marshall School of Business Professor Shaun Harper, founder and executive director of the USC Race and Equity Center, will highlight numerous benefits associated with making campus workplaces equitable, diverse, and inclusive. He will identify several strategic opportunities for California community colleges to invest in racial equity and employees of color. He will also highlight the immediate and long-term returns on the proposed investments.

3:00pm From Vision to Action: The DEI Implementation Workgroup

Panelist: Greg Smith, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, San Diego CCD

In 2019 the CCCCO formed the Vision for Success Diversity Taskforce to address the Board of Governor’s call for a greater focus on successfully serving the CCC system’s diverse student communities. The Taskforce created a robust group of strategic approaches necessary to creating meaningful change in the outcomes of district’s hiring and personnel practices for diverse communities. This session will provide an overview of the history of the DEI Implementation Workgroup, the urgency of change in 2020, and the specific steps the Association of Chief Human Resources Officers (ACHRO) is taking to help districts revise policies and procedures. Opportunities for collaboration between ACHRO and ACBO will be highlighted.


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