Structure of ACBO

Board Member Constitutional Responsibilities

  • To establish liaison among chief business officials of California Community Colleges in your region.
  • To promote the professional advancement of ACBO.
  • To attend two (2) statewide meetings of the Association held annually.  The region representative is encouraged to be the conference chair and work with the association facility negotiator.
  • To serve a three-year term with one-third of the area terms expiring each year.  After serving two full three-year terms a period of two years must elapse before becoming eligible to serve the area again as director.


Communication Resonsibilities



  • CO Information
  • CO
  • League
  • General Communications

Board Members

  • REgion CBO Info/Minutes - Establish and keep current an email list of the CBOs in your region
  • Region CBO Feedback - Send information regarding Board discussion topics to region CBOs
  • Region CBO Surveys/Input - Seek input from region CBOs on Board discussion topics
  • Develop Contact for new CBOs
    • Contact new CBOs in your region
    • Inform new CBOs of the next conference
    • Explain ACBO structure
    • Share with the new CBOs, ACBO's Certification Program
    • Establish a CBO Mentor for the new CBO


  • Minutes
  • Notices


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