October 28, 2020

2020 Fall Virtual Conference

Day 3 - October 28, 2020




10:00am Welcome, Announcements & Sponsor Information

Thank you Foundation for California Community Colleges! Thank you ACI Worldwide!

10:15am CCLC Legislative Update

Panelists: Andrew Martinez, Director of Government Relations, Community College League of California; Jonathan Lightman, Government Relations Consultant, Community College League of California; Ryan McElhinney, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Community College League of California

The pandemic's effect on 2020 was tremendous and changed the trajectory of the Legislature's work here in Sacramento. The Legislature was forced to fundamentally alter their process for hearing and debating legislation to a virtual process.

This session will look at the ramifications COVID-19 had on our state's economy. It will also look at the impact on measures introduced by the Legislature, focusing on final actions taken by the body. The session will also look at the perspectives of California's voters on California's economy and COVID-19. Finally, we look at the 2020 election, focusing on Proposition 15  & 16 and the more contentious State Assembly and Senate races taking place this cycle.

11:00am A Plan for An Equitable Recovery – Community College Finance Update

Panelists: Lizette Navarette, Vice Chancellor, College Finance and Facilities Planning, Chancellor’s Office; Wrenna Finche, Assistant Vice Chancellor, College Finance and Facilities Planning; Hoang Nguyen, Director of Facilities, College Finance and Facilities Planning; Keith Nezaam, Director of Fiscal Services, College Finance and Facilities Planning

Just eight months ago, California was enjoying the longest economic expansion on record. Now, against the backdrop of a pandemic, the state faces budget challenges estimated to persist until at least 2023-24. California faces the dichotomy of an economic recovery that exacerbates inequalities for our most vulnerable residents while further enriching the wealthy. The state needs a plan for an equitable recovery and such a plan should include a commitment and investment in California’s Community Colleges. This session will address scenarios shaping the budget debate going forward. Attendees will hear information focused on supporting colleges as they implement the 2020-21 state budget. This session will also cover important fiscal updates from the Chancellor’s Office. Discuss the latest developments with regard to the state budget, fiscal and facilities issues and other topics of interest to CBOs.


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