October 26, 2020

2020 Fall Virtual Conference

Day 1 - October 26, 2020




10:00am Welcome, Announcements & Sponsor Information

10:15am The CBO’s Role in Governance

Panelists: Dr. Bonnie Ann Dowd, Executive VC, Business & Technology Services, San Diego CCD; Morris Rodrigue, VP Administrative Services, Mt. San Antonio College; Ann-Marie Gabel, VC Business Services, South Orange County CCD; Aaron Brown, VC Business & Financial Services, Riverside CCD

Panelists will share some of their best practices and lessons learned related to working with a CEO and Board members as the district’s Chief Business Officer (CBO) with a focus on maintaining good working relationships while keeping a district fiscally solvent. This will be an interactive session that will include insights based upon their collective knowledge and years of experience on such topics as:

  1. How to handle questions from Board members that come to you directly?
  2. How should you prepare for Closed Session meetings?
  3. How to explain changes in estimates to your CEO, Board and various other constituents?
  4. How to anticipate Board questions and prepare for them?
  5. How to interact with your CEO?
  6. How to establish a relationship with either your newly hired CEO or a brand new CEO with limited experience?
  7. How to give your CEO bad news and ultimately translate it for the Board?
  8. How to work with the various constituent groups at a district (i.e. Academic Senate vs. Faculty bargaining unit, Classified Senate vs. Classified bargaining unit, etc.)?
  9. Why it is important to attend Board meetings regularly even if you aren’t the district CBO?
  10. Why it is important to build relationships with a district’s various constituent groups?
  11. How to remain “sane” in what sometimes feels like an “insane” environment?/li>

12:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm Announcements & Sponsor Information

Thank you KeenanThank you Ann Kennedy Group!

2:15pm The New Teleworking Environment

Panelists: Mario Rodriguez, VC Finance & Administration, Los Rios CCD; Cindy Vyskocil, VC Human Resources, South Orange County CCD; Gene Huff, EVC Administrative Services, Contra Costa CCD; Eileen O’Hare Anderson, Partner, LCW; Jennifer Shaw, Principle, Shaw Law Group, PC; Wrenna Finche, Assistance Vice Chancellor of College Finance and Facilities Planning, CCCCO

An interactive session that will include:

  • How to provide oversight/supervision in a remote environment
  • How to comply with ADA and other labor laws in a remote environment
  • Collective bargaining impacts with labor in a remote environment (various leaves, reporting, handling cases, etc.)
  • How to pay for the costs of working in a remote environment (computing devices, internet access, etc.) with CARES Act and/or COVID BG funding
  • The future of work in a remote environment how to support the likelihood of ongoing remote work such as developing best practices now for supervision, discipline, etc)
  • Considerations for returning to campus pre and post-vaccine (safety, mandated vaccines, care for buildings, etc.)


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