Recommended Sites

ASB Accounting Manual

This is published by the Fiscal Crisis Management Action Team (FCMAT) and is primarily for K-12, but most of the rules are the same for community colleges.

Association of California Community College Administrators

A great site for all administrators, for networking, jobs, etc.

California Association of School Business Officers

Primarily K-12, but a wealth of useful information

California Legislative Analyst's Office

Includes several good publications, including the LAO Primer on Higher Education

Community College Business Officers

A national association for community college business officers in the U. S. and Canada. 

California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

An office of the state treasurer. Offers great training on debt issuance.

Chancellor's Office

The Chancellor’s Office is the administrative branch of the California Community College system. 

Chancellor's Office Accounting Information

Budget & Accounting Manual, Annual Financial & Budget Report (CCFS-311), Accounting Advisories

Chancellor's Office Data Mart

Student demographics, FTES and staffing reports

Community College Internal Auditors

A sister group to ACBO, whose conferences share many of the same presentations.

Community College League

Information on education programs, research and policy analysis, fiscal services programs, governmental relations, communications and governance of athletics.

Contracted District Audit Manual

This is the bible for external auditors. Good to know what they are looking at!

Fiscal Trend Analysis


Fiscal Crisis Management Action Team. Primarily a K-12 organization, but beginning to provide more services to community colleges.

School Services of California

Provides services for trustees and managers both for K-12 and CCs especially in the areas of legislation, negotiations and other fiscal services. Requires a fee to access many of the services.

Scott Lay's News & Blog page

State Apportionment Reports

Lots of historical information as well as current reports of funding for your district.

State Budget and Accounting Manual

If you don't have a copy in your office, you need one.

Student Attendance Accounting Manual

Student Fee Handbook

The bible on what you can charge students.


Western Association of College and University Business Officers. See also NACUBO (National).


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